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We have had a ton of fun this week as our teams have provided us with feedback on their first meetings and the team names they have chosen. Together, one scientist and one designer, who would otherwise likely have never met, have been sharing their work with one another and making plans for their Descience Runway 2014 creations.

Team 50 is composed of Sherry (Shih-Hui) Chang and Pablo Rojas. Together, they coined the name “OBUBA” to represent their team and here’s why:

"OBUBA" from "ob-buba"

OB: Prefix "ob-" from Latin: "to", "on", "over", "against"

BUBA: from Greek "boubôn": groin swelling. It indicates an inflammation on lymph nodes due to an infection caused by microorganisms. Such swelling takes place especially in the groin or the armpit. It can be visualized in patients suffering from untreated tuberculosis and gonorrhea. "Bubo" lesions were also visualised and described during the black death (bubonic plague) back in the 14th century.

Our team name "OBUBA" hallmarks the research currently being done in the microbiology field and aims to highlight the importance of science communication when fighting infectious diseases.

In looking back over the words each used to describe his/her interest in the project, we were struck by some amazing parallels:


“When I was younger, I indulged in looking and holding objects from my parents collection appreciatively such as carvings, jades and accessories. I was attracted by the structure of the objects, and couldn't stop observing them deeply. Science observes objects and fashion makes a fetish out of them. Even though standard education sets them apart, and takes away their depth. My skepticism made me doubt the dualism between them. Therefore, I am excited and looking forward to collaborate with a scientist.”


“What strikes me is the fact that in our society, art has become something which is only related to objects, and not to individuals or life”- Michel Foucault

We are expecting transcendental results from this team! We think Pablo sums it up best:

“I feel that a multidisciplinary approach can bring further significance to image diagnostics. I am interested in exploring the conflictive relationship between science and art and the creative tension that results from their constant friction.”

Good luck, Team OBUBA!

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