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Inspirational bridges between Science and Design

Inspiration. A word describing a moment. Fractions of a second in which you know you are about to experience the unique. Time freezes, your brain starts working at a hundred miles an hour filling that empty canvas in your mind, conveying that idea you are just about to have.

The whole natural world intrigues scientists. They want to understand it and seek inspiration on it. There is a continuous pursuit of knowledge of the underlying causes behind how nature works. To achieve this, different scientific approaches generate bits of information, when pieced altogether get us closer to know how things work. The arts and design also take inspiration from the natural world. They use it as a template, not to understand it but to represent it. Through design new things take form and new things are created. Only the imagination of those designing and creating them seems to be the limit. What these two disciplines have in common is the creativity behind every step of understanding and creating. Arts and science are an amalgam where inspiration, vision and originality, stimulate lives of many and make shifts in society as a whole.

Descience is the perfect platform for scientist to create awareness of what they do in a non traditional manner. It is the ideal place for designers and artist to discover a new muse by things that occur in nature but are normally hidden from them. It is where the passion from two different worlds gets together generating unprecedented results. We hope that in Descience you can find the inspiration you are looking for. By connecting with the work of others, that empty canvas in your mind starts filling with new ideas in science and design. At least for me this was a great incentive to be part of Descience!

Written by Benjamin Caballero, PhD candidate, Albert Einstein College of Medicine

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