How do you pick your partner fashion designer for Descience if you are a scientist whose clothes are all bought by your wife? Or how do you pick your partner scientist if you’re a designer who forgot everything about biology and physics after you graduated from High School – and never took a science class again after that?

Francisco: While I was browsing through the list of the designers applying for Descience, I was a little overwhelmed: so many talented artists, how to choose one? But I connected right away with Valentina; her colorful and happy designs, that remind me of my country (Chile), and her gentle approach to fashion – being that Valentina is an eco-friendly and vegetarian artist. I thought that she would represent my research on Quinoa the best.

Valentina: The day I picked Francisco as my first choice as teammate, I had a notepad with me, and I was ready to create a list of scientist names, sort them up according to my preference and compatibility, and then narrow them down to my three first choices. Instead, Francisco’s profile caught my attention right away, and his pictures of Quinoa fields and plantations sparked my imagination and creativity. I just kept my finger crossed, after that, that we would end up in the same team. I hoped, when I picked Francisco, to get connected with a person who will broaden my knowledge about Quinoa and research on nutrition and the properties of grains. My hopes were not disappointed, and I now also know how to cook Quinoa properly :)

Together, Valentina and Francisco are Team “The Inca’s Secret.” To learn more about their collaboration, click to view their team portfolio:!FIVE-RULES-FOR-A-CONSCIOUS-DESIGNER-By-Valentina-Oppezzo/c12kd/64343DC9-1F14-4D61-AD29-F29906027A87

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