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In our society a mistrust of science has developed. We are wary of studies, how they were performed, and their significance. This can lead to us brushing off serious issues because they have to do with science, which could lead to many more dangerous consequences.

I believed this mistrust has come from leaving sciences out of the mainstream. We forget that science is an important part of our daily lives and instead associate it only with chemicals and machines. Some people don't think science is a necessary thing for them to think about because to them it seems like it does not affect their lives. They see it as something only “scientists” or “geniuses” think about. Others are mislead by images of test tubes and dangerous toxins and thus they become scared of science. These misconceptions are all far from the truth. Science affects everything we do and is a huge part of our daily lives. This becomes increasingly true as science advances. Also science is not all about hazardous chemicals and is not always dangerous. Science covers so many topics that we cannot narrow it down to one image.

This mistrust of science can become dangerous. Today there are many situations where a dislike of science is hurting people. For example: disbelief in global warming--if people don't realize there is a problem how are they going to change it? Or, refusal of vaccines because some think they have too many chemicals in them--people who can't get vaccinated could get sick because of these people. These are all examples where a mistrust or disbelief in science can cause problem in our world. We need to create trust in science.

How are we going to do that? Descience is a perfect example. Before I said that science is seen as not mainstream; well guess what is: Fashion! A lot of people see fashion as a big part of their lives. However, some of these people do not see science as a huge part of their lives. This, as I said before, can lead to many negative situations, but there is a solution. By combining science and fashion, as we are doing in Descience, we can show people how science can be a part of their lives. We can interest people in topics that they might not have been interested in before. We can also create an environment where people won’t feel in over their heads because even if they don’t understand a lot of the science you can still use the fashion to help you grasp the ideas and learn new things. The more educated you are about science the more likely you will be to trust it. Projects like Descience can create an environment where people are more open to science.

Overall as the world advances we will need to accept science more. To do that we can use the assistance of projects like Descience. These projects can help us learn about science in a place where you don’t feel overwhelmed. They can help bring science back into the mainstream. When we combine science and fashion we create a world where people can be more comfortable learning, understanding, and accepting science.

Photo caption: Descience Founder Yuly Fuentes-Mendel works with a team of young Descientists

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