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Breaking down the walls between Fashion and Science

We are hearing so much about science and fashion, but how do we merge them?

Well you can start by thinking about what we can convey through science in fashion or what can we convey through fashion in science. Why to do it? Perhaps, the conversation between the two worlds needs a message to convey, so the synergy of the worlds can happen more organically. In Descience, the designers are expressing science in the form of fashion. This execution requires having a general knowledge of both subjects, so the Descientists can talk to each other. When mixing science and fashion I think it is always important to keep in mind what are you trying to accomplish through them. When looking at the combined two, as a viewer, you can see all the possibilities that they expose.

When looking at the final Descience projects the part that most interested me was the collaboration process. Seeing how the Descience teams worked together, seeing how they responded to the scientific studies, and seeing how they transformed the final garment through each others ideas was really exciting to explore. The other thing I noticed while looking through collaboration was that the scientist and designer seemed to learn a lot from each other, whether it be about the scientific study or the ways of fashion design, Descience seemed to expand their horizons. If you look into their portfolios in detail, some teams talked about their collaboration. For example, Cytocouture had a few photos of their notes that they took about each other’s fields. Another team that talked about collaboration was Team Y2K who showed pictures of them both working together on 3D printing. Overall the collaboration of merging science and fashion is very important to the process. I invite you to look and vote in the following LINK

In conclusion, at Descience your transform science and you learn.

Stay tuned for my coming blog...

This represents photos of bacteria contributed by a family friend who is a scientist overlapped with the outline of a dress representing fashion.

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