Descience Dress on Display at the Boston MFA

The Descience 2014 Runway show’s Grand Prize winning dress is now on display at the Boston MFA’s #techstyle exhibit. Designed by scientist Tal Danino and fashion designer Tatiana Tejedor of team Quorum 54, the dress depicts Danino’s research studying the use of bacteria as a treatment for cancer. The patterning comes from a microscope image of the bacteria detecting and destroying cancer cells. In Danino’s experiments, the bacteria fluoresce, which Tejedor incorporated into the dress using glow in the dark paint. When viewed under blacklight, the dress reveals a cancer-free image.

Visit the #techstyle at the Boston MFA now through July 10.

"Dress", 2014, Quorum 54
Blog Editor Julia Borden (left) and Descience Executive Director Yuly Fuentes (right) with "Dress"

Descience Blog Editor Julia Borden and Executive Director Yuly Fuentes with "Dress" at the MFA

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