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Education through Art by India Hyde

My name is India Hyde and I am twelve years old. I am interested in Descience because it provides an opportunity to see projects which convey brilliant ideas about science in spectacular fashion pieces. Overall it inspires me to become more involved in the field of science and fashion.

Learning about science is essential as it becomes a bigger part of our daily lives. For some this is easy but for others it is hard. Expressing science through art can motivate youths and adults to learn more about science. This is exactly what Descience does. It takes a scientific study and conveys it through fashion. I enjoy science, but at school the kind of science we are learning is conveyed through charts and graphs and essays. When I started learning about combining fashion and science I became more interested in science. Fashion, sewing, and art became even greater interests of mine when science opened up a whole new window in the world of art. The first time I learned about this was when I created a fantasy fashion project combining lights, laser cutting, and fabric, merging technology and fashion. The collage represents the ideas behind the garment that I made.

Overall we need to make science more accessible through art. In the future I will be writing about how to merge the walls between fashion and science and also the functions of fashion.

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